C-Fax 1070 Listeners Questions

We will try and answer some of the C-Fax 1070 Listeners questions of April 23 2016. If you have questions please email info@anounce.com or call 250-474-1901.

  • Erin:  I’ve heard that using refilled ink cartridges in my Epson printer will clog the heads. Is that true, or is that an urban myth?

Yes, and No. and I know that doesn’t make any sense. All ink is proprietary to printers, so it is important to have the correct ink in the cartridges. We suggest using a reputable compatible cartridge to cut down on costs. That being said if you are a photographer and sell prints we suggest using OEM for consistent quality.

  • Randy:  after how many copies per month does it make more financial sense to get a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer?  About two-thirds of our copies are black-and-white.

To answer this question honestly, I would need more information. Like what kind of inkjet printer you have, and how many pages do you print per week/month/year. But generally speaking a monochrome laser printer is cheaper to print. If you are looking for color laser printer they can be expensive/page to print. Always check how many pages / cartridge and then the cost of the cartridges. We have heard of people who just purchase a color laser printer for $150.00 or less and when it runs out of toner they go buy another color laser printer because a set of  4 cartridges was going to be over $400.00.

  • Grant:  How much should I be prepared to spend to get a printer that will print 11×17 event posters?  And between ink and paper, what would it cost per print?  And what about printing banners – will most printers do that if I buy some banner paper?

Great question, there is a Brother MFC-J6520dw on the market right now that prints scans/copies 11×17 for approximately  $300.00. As for banner printing you would need a printer that has roll paper attachment , and they you are getting into a plotter. A small 24″ HP Designjet T120 will cost $1400.00. If it is for production I would suggest you call me at 250 474 1901 so we could further discuss your printer requirements.

  • Helena:  Black ink has leaked out of my old onto our antique office desk.  Where is it coming from, and any suggestions on how to clean it off the desk without leaving a stain or discolouration?

Sorry to hear this and no I do not have any suggestions on how to clean other than water, and that is likely to just spread the ink further. HP has a waste tank that has is full so best suggestion is to keep the printer level at all times or it will leak everywhere. We had a gentleman bring an HP inkjet into our shop once and he carried it like a football, and we could follow the ink drops back to where he parked his car!  Careful of your flooring as you move the printer. Call 250 474 1901 and I will talk to you further.

  • Ron:  do you know which brand or brands of inkjet printer ink are the most resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight?

Epson has archival inks that are supposed to last for 100 years. Just to let you know, all ink will fade eventually. A lot has to do with paper and ink reaction. That being said most printer manufactures will claim long lasting inks. If you would like to discuss this further call us at 250 474 1901.

  • Erica:  does it matter whether I use Canon or another brand of photo paper – like Staples brand – in my Canon Pixma printer?

I would suggest that you handle a Staples brand photo paper and a Canon brand photo paper and see if there is a difference in feel first.  Also Canon brand paper is formulated to react with Canon Ink, just like HP, Epson etc. We have tested various types of paper in machines and sometimes the ink just doesn’t dry.

  • Barrie:  are any brands of ink more waterproof than others, and the same for paper?  Also, is it safe to put card stock into the main paper tray of my Epson printer, or will it jam when it bends up into the printer?

To answer your 1st question, we did a test with an HP office jet x470 series printer where we used Xerox color fast paper, printed and took the page and put it under running water and the ink did not smudge or. To answer your 2nd question yes it will either not pick it up or it will period of time and the pickup roller will wear out, so your best idea is to find a machine with a straight thru paper path.

  • Monica:  is there anywhere here on the lower island where I can get Minolta laser toner cartridges refilled?  And can I use the thin nozzle on my vacuum cleaner to get spilled toner out of the printer?

We sell a compatible cartridge and would be happy to quote you a price. I would be careful vacuuming out the toner as the toner particles are smaller than the vacuum filter so you could have a cloud of black dust exhausting from your vacuum.  Dry rags work best. 

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