Ordering Printer Cartridges in Victoria BC – Careful of your Cartridge Numbers!

 Ordering Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges in Victoria BC.

Be Careful of your Numbers!

Good Morning to everyone that is out there in printer cartridge purchasing land! I would like to take a few minutes of you time today and try and save you (your office or home) some time and money. Picture yourself sitting in front of your computer, and just ready to place an order for toner or ink cartridges for either your home or your office. WAIT, do you know the correct printer cartridge number, or are you confused by all the information that is out there on the purchasing page? CAREFUL, you might just get what you order, and not necessarily what you actually thought you ordered or wanted.

The FIRST STEP to ordering cartridges for your printer

KNOW THE MAKE & MODEL OF YOUR PRINTER  (there are hundreds of numbers & models & makes) just make sure you know yours


KNOW THE Cartridge Number (there are cartridges that can be cross referenced to fit various makes and models) Some Lexmark cartridges will actually fit a Samsung, Some HP’s will fit a Canon etc. So proceed with caution.


Cross Reference and check the model against the cartridge number (some models will take a high yield cartridge and others will not) check out your machine before you are stuck with something that will not work.


If it all checks out ok ORDER!

The reason I suggest this, is over and over again I receive calls wondering if we will purchase opened boxes of “wrong cartridges”

Right now I have a Samsung P409A Tri Pack for the Samsung CLP-310/315, CLX3170/3175 opened and unused! This is worth over $300.00

I also have the Dual Pack for the Samsung P409 Black cartridges worth over $175.00 opened & unused.

So the next time you are in front of your computer, and want to place a Toner or Ink Cartridge Order, please double check, and if you are still afraid, call me at 250-474-1901 Anounce Printer Repair, and I will happily check the numbers for you.

If you need Cyan Magenta or Yellow for your Samsung CLP310/315, or Samsung CLX 3170/3175 Printer call me as I have some opened boxes brand new that I will happily sell to you very reasonable.

If you require the Black Toner Cartridge for the Samsung CLP310/315 or Samsung CLX3170/3175 I have 2 that are opened and unused, and will save you lots of money.

Anounce Printer, in beautiful Victoria BC Canada 250-474-1901

Call us we sell Inks and Toner Cartridges! And we make sure you are not stuck with something that you ordered, but doesn’t work in your  laser printer, plotter or inkjet!

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