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ID Card Printer Cleaning Tips

ID Card Printer Cleaning

 If you own an ID card printer, regardless of what brand or manufacturer, it’s important to make sure your printer is being cleaned on a consistent basis. Most ID Card Printer manufacturers suggest cleaning every 500-800 prints to keep your printer running smoothly.

Making sure you do a routine maintenance on your ID card printer will help keep it running efficiently and will ultimately extend the life of your ID Card Printer. Using a printer cleaning kit will remove the dust, dirt, and lint from the inside of the printer.

Not cleaning an ID card printer regularly can lead to a buildup of debris on the print head, which may damage it and leave white streaks on  your ID Card. The typical cost to replace that print head is around $800. On the other hand, a printer cleaning kit will likely cost less than $100 and it will only take a few minutes of your time to get your printer cleaned, protecting the valuable investment you made in your ID Card Printer.

Anounce Printer Works can provide cleaning kits for all major ID Card Printer manufacturer. In comparing the cost of maintaining your printer through using a printer cleaning kits to the cost of buying an entirely new ID card printer, the solution is obvious.

If you’ve never cleaned your printer and need some assistance, you can contact us at 250-474-1901 and we will help by walking you through the cleaning process.

Anounce Printer Works can do a complete cleaning on your ID Card Printer, either on-site or by shipping your machine to our trained technicians. For quotes please call us at 250-474-1901.


Printer Installation Support

Installation of a printer is a crucial part of printer setup, if you’re not able to accomplish it successfully, you will not be able to print a document from your computer or handheld device. The installation process of every brand of printer is very similar, except for a few settings that are explained in the user manual. However, if you don’t know how to install printer we at Anounce Printer Works can help you thru the process and make your printer ready to print.

How to Install a Wireless Printer?

Installation of a wireless printer is similar to the installation of any other printer except for a few steps to configure its wireless technology. Read the installation guide carefully, connect with your computer and turn it on to install the software that came with your printer. After that, you will have to download and install the printer driver from the website of your printer manufacturer to complete the installation process. If there is any issue, a call to Anounce Printer Works will help you finish the process.

How to Uninstall Wireless Printer

When you want to remove or uninstall printer from your computer you need to go into your PC settings and click on remove printer device from your printer. But before that make sure there is not any print jobs in the queue and you don’t need to use this printer again. You have to remove the driver and completely remove from your computer system. The whole process is very easy. if it doesn’t work it may be due to a different operating system and compatibility with the computers.

Tech Support for Printer Installation

Printer installation process now becomes easier with the team of professionals who provide endless online tech support for all brands of printers. Just allow the online remote access and technician will diagnosis the actual problem or perform the right process for printer install. And now advance printers like Wi-Fi printers comes with a complex set of technologies that requires a special knowledge to configure each step professionally and make a printer ready to print.

Support Phone Number 1-250-474-1901

If you don’t know how to install a printer, just dial our number 250-474-1901 and we will help you to install the software or driver of any brand printer. We will work with you to help our customers in dealing printer installation or uninstall related issues. Anounce Printer Works will install/uninstall your printer on-site and recycle your old printer, call for the best support of all your printing devices.

Anounce Printer Works is a provider of phone support and on-site support for third party products. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, product, and services is only referential.  Anounce Printer Works hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any third-parties. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service may be available for free from the manufacturer.



If you own a printer, it is essential that you should also know how to fix 5  common errors of a printer. Instead of calling a printer technician every time, you may be able to solve the issues yourself.  Listed below are some issues to look for, and also look at the error code on the printer itself. Do the routine check of the printer, and if you don’t find the solution, call Anounce Printer Repair at 250-474-1901. Here is a list of common errors that often arises with a printer.

Cable issue– This is the most common type of problem, The device loses connectivity, it is a good idea to check all cables, remove them and re-insert them to the port. Turn off the power and turn it on again to check. Replacing a Network or USB Cable is not uncommon.

Cartridges issue– Check the cartridges of a printer to ensure they are installed properly, check whether printer cartridges are empty, if you found it empty, replace it with the new one. If cartridges have sufficient ink, re-install the cartridges and re-start the printer. Print defects can be simple, sometimes it is just a defective cartridge, and replacing the cartridges will have you printing faultlessly once again.

Software and driver issues- make sure that software’s and drivers are properly installed in the computer if you see frequent errors on screen, update/re-install the drivers, or if HP printer software is poorly installed, it will create hurdles to initiate the printing process. Also, see if the firewall is preventing certain commands, open the firewall setting and for certain applications turn off the firewall to run the program.

Print and paper setting– check the print setting if you found the common error on the printing process, make sure the paper is put in the tray in the right manner, and the paper in the tray is the same as the paper selected in the driver. Check if the correct printer has selected to do the print job, also make sure there are no print jobs in the queue.

Error Codes- Error codes can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Check your user manual for a list of codes. Email or call 250-474-1901 and we will let you know what the error is.

Anounce Printer Repair- call or email and we will assist you with any issues you have with your printer 250-474-1901 or

“we make printers work”

Do We Repair Printers?

Do we repair printers?

This is a question I hear everyday. At one time I would have just replied “Yes”, but not anymore.

The reason, well it comes down to how much money you want to spend, as anything can be repaired, but do you want to pay the price to have it done.  Most households can purchase a printer (whether it be an inkjet, monochrome laser, or color laser) for less than $200.00.  Our in-shop rate is $55.00, for just labor, and if parts are required that adds more cost. So…do we repair printers? Yes, depending on the machine and what is wrong with it.

Anounce Printer Repair will tell you honestly over the phone if your machine is worth the drive to have it repaired. Hey some people can get very defensive, and think that we don’t want to help them. I am a consumer too, and I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t like to waste my money and appreciate someone telling me if something is not worth repairing, because I can replace it cheaper.

Just so you all know, we make more money repairing than we ever would selling you a new printer…the markup on a new machine is less than $20.00. So after I pull my technician off a job to talk to you, and it takes 15 minutes to convince you to purchase a new printer, and then you go to Staples or London Drugs, how much money did I make? Nothing.  So if Anounce Printer Repair tells you it is not worth repairing, don’t take it personal, just accept the advise and buy a new one, as we have just kept $55.00 in your pocket.

If it was about the money we would have you drop off your printer, and take your $55.00 and you would then have to go by another machine, but hey I would be $55.00 richer. So please, I am not being mean, I am just trying to help you save some money.

What kind of a printer do you recommend? Well guess that is for another day, and YES I do have an opinion on that too.

Have a great day here in Victoria BC. We are here to help with all your printers & plotters.



HP DesignJet Plotters

HP Design Jet Plotters

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I have fielded calls more regarding HP Design Jet Plotters than I ever have in the past 20 years. Since this, I thought I’d just write a bit about them, considering I have customers on a wait list for them.

The HP Design Jet Plotters seem to be the industry standard, although both Canon and Epson have excellent plotters available also.

The issue we seem to see regarding plotters is the lack of servicing.  If a plotter is serviced and maintained  over the course of its life it will last longer. So I guess what I am trying to say is preventative maintenance does work. Cleaning a plotter on a yearly basis will give more life to the belt and other moving parts. We offer this service and for a fee of approximately $140.00 (this includes taxes) your plotter can be inspected/serviced and cleaned.  Most clients tend to wait until they have an error code on the plotter and it quits in the middle of a job to call and have it repaired. For Tips and Tricks to keep your plotter running smoothly call one of our technicians at 250-474-1901.

We are located in the beautiful city of Victoria and offer plotter repair service for all of Vancouver Island.

  • When should a Plotter be serviced?

Anounce Printer works recommends that  your potter is serviced at least once a year.  Call and book your plotter cleaning at 250-474-1901.

Toner Cartridges – Compatible versus OEM

Will buying  Compatible Toner void my printer warranty?

This question is asked to us constantly.

The answer is NO!

Actually, on the contrary it is actually against the law to be forced into only purchasing original manufacturer branded ink and toner.

If your printer malfunctions for some reason and the technician over the phone tells you that you’ve voided your warranty by using compatible toner, that’s illegal.

If you want to see what the actual law states about using compatible toner over OEM you can check out the Canada Competition Act and the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts in the USA.

As a form of consumer protection, the law is designed so that OEM manufacturers cannot claim a monopoly and bind consumers to only buy from them. These are better known as ‘anti-consumer’ practices and are very openly proclaimed as being illegal in the above two Acts and the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

It would be like a car manufacturer telling you to purchase a certain “brand of gas” or your warranty is void.

The other note is a Compatible Toner Cartridge is a brand new cartridge they are not used cartridges that have been filled.

Our supplier offers us a guarantee that if you have any issues with the compatible cartridge, they will stand behind their product and therefore we will be happy to address your concerns.



Tired of Disposable Printers?

WE SELL PRINTERS! We often have a good selection of refurbished workhorse laser printers, fax machines, copiers and all-in-one machines. Whether it is home use or a large company we can help you out. Please contact the office and let us know what your needs are. We sell new machines too! Right now we have an HP CP3525 Color Laser Printer (slightly used) for sale, and I must say it is a great machine. Call 250 474 1901 for a price.

“we make printers work”


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Tips on How to Reduce Your Printing Repair Costs

It is important to know how to minimize your printer repair costs, because costs that arise from printer repairs can hinder your business operations. If you do not manage these costs well, your profits may be compromised and thus leaving your business in a serious financial turmoil while affecting the business productivity.

On the other hand, you can’t opt to go for a service that is crappy just to save you some cash. This will increase the printer repair costs in the long run. When it comes to managing costs and printing repairs, you will need to be able to balance so that you get the best deal in the market that favors your business and will ensure that your printers are running well, and deliver top notch service in the long run.

Printer repair costs will greatly depend on a number of variables. Generally, small organizations will incur very little costs because they have a small number of printers which are not complex. On the other hand, large organizations will undoubtedly incur greater costs because they have many printers that are highly sophisticated. For example, networked business printers are available in hundreds of models with varying types and all with different features and capabilities, which can make it difficult to find qualified printer service technicians.

Furthermore, if an organization is extremely busy and the machines are constantly in use to meet business targets, then the costs tend to be very high. A simple approach on how to minimize your printer repair costs is by hiring an expert in printer repair service to help you with your printing repairs. For instance, do you lease printers, rent, or are you using your own printing machines? In the end, you will need to maintain these machines well using the correct  parts to guarantee long life. Continue to read the following tips to know more about how to minimize your printer repair costs.

Train your staff on correct printer usage

It is crucial to train your staff on the printers being used. usage  By doing this, you reduce your chances of getting into problems brought about by printer misuse. When purchasing your printing machine, just know that, not everyone knows how to use it. Therefore, it is crucial to put your resources in some training.  Anounce Printer Works offers training on the majority of printers found in the work place. Call us at 250-474-1901 to set up and appointment for your office training.

Carry out preventive measures

Preventative measures are very important because they help prevent printer breakdowns. Read the manual of your printer on proper usage techniques. Clean your printer, on a regular basis and  be careful on the small issues which might become serious with time and become expensive to repair. When signing up for a maintenance agreement with the printing service provider, it is imperative to know what is in the agreement form first. At the end of the day, printer repairs for your organization should not cost you a fortune. If you want to hire a professional printing service provider to help minimize printer repair costs for your business, you can contact Anounce Printer Works.  Anounce Printer Works has qualified and experienced service providers who will ensure your printer works efficiently.

We Make Printers Work 250-474-1901


Ordering Printer Cartridges in Victoria BC – Careful of your Cartridge Numbers!

 Ordering Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges in Victoria BC.

Be Careful of your Numbers!

Good Morning to everyone that is out there in printer cartridge purchasing land! I would like to take a few minutes of you time today and try and save you (your office or home) some time and money. Picture yourself sitting in front of your computer, and just ready to place an order for toner or ink cartridges for either your home or your office. WAIT, do you know the correct printer cartridge number, or are you confused by all the information that is out there on the purchasing page? CAREFUL, you might just get what you order, and not necessarily what you actually thought you ordered or wanted.

The FIRST STEP to ordering cartridges for your printer

KNOW THE MAKE & MODEL OF YOUR PRINTER  (there are hundreds of numbers & models & makes) just make sure you know yours


KNOW THE Cartridge Number (there are cartridges that can be cross referenced to fit various makes and models) Some Lexmark cartridges will actually fit a Samsung, Some HP’s will fit a Canon etc. So proceed with caution.


Cross Reference and check the model against the cartridge number (some models will take a high yield cartridge and others will not) check out your machine before you are stuck with something that will not work.


If it all checks out ok ORDER!

The reason I suggest this, is over and over again I receive calls wondering if we will purchase opened boxes of “wrong cartridges”

Right now I have a Samsung P409A Tri Pack for the Samsung CLP-310/315, CLX3170/3175 opened and unused! This is worth over $300.00

I also have the Dual Pack for the Samsung P409 Black cartridges worth over $175.00 opened & unused.

So the next time you are in front of your computer, and want to place a Toner or Ink Cartridge Order, please double check, and if you are still afraid, call me at 250-474-1901 Anounce Printer Repair, and I will happily check the numbers for you.

If you need Cyan Magenta or Yellow for your Samsung CLP310/315, or Samsung CLX 3170/3175 Printer call me as I have some opened boxes brand new that I will happily sell to you very reasonable.

If you require the Black Toner Cartridge for the Samsung CLP310/315 or Samsung CLX3170/3175 I have 2 that are opened and unused, and will save you lots of money.

Anounce Printer, in beautiful Victoria BC Canada 250-474-1901

Call us we sell Inks and Toner Cartridges! And we make sure you are not stuck with something that you ordered, but doesn’t work in your  laser printer, plotter or inkjet!

C-Fax 1070 Listeners Questions

We will try and answer some of the C-Fax 1070 Listeners questions of April 23 2016. If you have questions please email or call 250-474-1901.

  • Erin:  I’ve heard that using refilled ink cartridges in my Epson printer will clog the heads. Is that true, or is that an urban myth?

Yes, and No. and I know that doesn’t make any sense. All ink is proprietary to printers, so it is important to have the correct ink in the cartridges. We suggest using a reputable compatible cartridge to cut down on costs. That being said if you are a photographer and sell prints we suggest using OEM for consistent quality.

  • Randy:  after how many copies per month does it make more financial sense to get a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer?  About two-thirds of our copies are black-and-white.

To answer this question honestly, I would need more information. Like what kind of inkjet printer you have, and how many pages do you print per week/month/year. But generally speaking a monochrome laser printer is cheaper to print. If you are looking for color laser printer they can be expensive/page to print. Always check how many pages / cartridge and then the cost of the cartridges. We have heard of people who just purchase a color laser printer for $150.00 or less and when it runs out of toner they go buy another color laser printer because a set of  4 cartridges was going to be over $400.00.

  • Grant:  How much should I be prepared to spend to get a printer that will print 11×17 event posters?  And between ink and paper, what would it cost per print?  And what about printing banners – will most printers do that if I buy some banner paper?

Great question, there is a Brother MFC-J6520dw on the market right now that prints scans/copies 11×17 for approximately  $300.00. As for banner printing you would need a printer that has roll paper attachment , and they you are getting into a plotter. A small 24″ HP Designjet T120 will cost $1400.00. If it is for production I would suggest you call me at 250 474 1901 so we could further discuss your printer requirements.

  • Helena:  Black ink has leaked out of my old HP printer onto our antique office desk.  Where is it coming from, and any suggestions on how to clean it off the desk without leaving a stain or discolouration?

Sorry to hear this and no I do not have any suggestions on how to clean other than water, and that is likely to just spread the ink further. HP has a waste tank that has is full so best suggestion is to keep the printer level at all times or it will leak everywhere. We had a gentleman bring an HP inkjet into our shop once and he carried it like a football, and we could follow the ink drops back to where he parked his car!  Careful of your flooring as you move the printer. Call 250 474 1901 and I will talk to you further.

  • Ron:  do you know which brand or brands of inkjet printer ink are the most resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight?

Epson has archival inks that are supposed to last for 100 years. Just to let you know, all ink will fade eventually. A lot has to do with paper and ink reaction. That being said most printer manufactures will claim long lasting inks. If you would like to discuss this further call us at 250 474 1901.

  • Erica:  does it matter whether I use Canon or another brand of photo paper – like Staples brand – in my Canon Pixma printer?

I would suggest that you handle a Staples brand photo paper and a Canon brand photo paper and see if there is a difference in feel first.  Also Canon brand paper is formulated to react with Canon Ink, just like HP, Epson etc. We have tested various types of paper in machines and sometimes the ink just doesn’t dry.

  • Barrie:  are any brands of ink more waterproof than others, and the same for paper?  Also, is it safe to put card stock into the main paper tray of my Epson printer, or will it jam when it bends up into the printer?

To answer your 1st question, we did a test with an HP office jet x470 series printer where we used Xerox color fast paper, printed and took the page and put it under running water and the ink did not smudge or run. To answer your 2nd question yes it will either not pick it up or it will period of time and the pickup roller will wear out, so your best idea is to find a machine with a straight thru paper path.

  • Monica:  is there anywhere here on the lower island where I can get Minolta laser toner cartridges refilled?  And can I use the thin nozzle on my vacuum cleaner to get spilled toner out of the printer?

We sell a compatible cartridge and would be happy to quote you a price. I would be careful vacuuming out the toner as the toner particles are smaller than the vacuum filter so you could have a cloud of black dust exhausting from your vacuum.  Dry rags work best. 

Printer Repairs, Really?


 Printer Repair in Victoria BC, is there really such a market anymore? Today I heard that my main printer parts supplier is closing their distribution center on the west coast of Canada. I am saddened by the fact that I now have to talk to someone in a different time zone, and that the cost of my parts have just increased because of the added cost to ship printer parts across the country.

So here is my thought or question of the day. Does anyone repair their printers? If printers are being repaired why is my west coast distribution center closing? Oh this isn’t the first of my suppliers to pull out of the west coast, and if we on the west coast are the most environmentally friendly in Canada, why am I going to Ontario or Quebec for my parts? Oh, that being said that begs another question, are we really the most environmentally friendly, or do we just talk about being environmentally conscious?

The thing is, printers are inexpensive to purchase, and printers will not work on all operating systems, so if the printer is broken, you replace, and if you update your computer, you replace your printer. So, are really an environmentally conscious province? Are we really trying to ‘save the planet’? Or are we just intent to “recycle” our electronics because you know the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Oh I know everyone recycles electronics…but that bodes the question, where do the recyclers really take the electronics (another topic, another day)

So at the end of the day it is back to PRINTER REPAIRS, and is it worth the cost and that is up to you the consumer, and to me the technician.

I had someone call me for a part for an HP DesignJet, and yes I can purchase the part but the ETA is anywhere from 10 days to 60 days. If you have a production plotter like this you cannot have down –time of 60 days, as work just doesn’t work that way. So it is difficult to get parts, and difficult to have a client willing to wait up to 60 days for parts, so, what does a customer do? They go and purchase new.

So, as my printer parts suppliers all close on the west coast, I can still go to Ontario, Quebec, and China to purchase supplies, and pay to have an item shipped across the country or the globe, and yes Anounce still tries to repairs printers in Victoria BC.