Is there a process of choosing the right printer? Of course, there is. What is right for you may not be the right printer for someone else.

5 Important things to consider when choosing a printer.
  1. cost of the printer
  2. cost of the  ink
  3. is it compatible with your operating system
  4. do you have space for it
  5. can you refill cartridges
1. Cost of the Printer

The costs of printers vary. Printers can be as inexpensive as 29$ or as costly as 29,000$.

Now you have to know how much money you want to spend. You must not go over this budget. Make the dollar amount realistically for what you want and need in a printer.

2. Cost Of the Ink
Remember “give away the razor, sell the blades”? That business model is still alive and well in the printer business, where many companies will entice consumers with unimaginably low prices on their budget printers, knowing they can redeem the cost of the machine over and over again when it comes time to replace the ink cartridges.Be sure to research the cost of replacement inks or toners before you buy any printer to know what you’re in for when the initial cartridges finally run dry. Depending on how often you plan to print, it can actually be worth it to purchase a more expensive printer in order to buy into a cheaper line of cartridges. Also, look into the possibility of refilling your own cartridges, which can cost dramatically less than buying new cartridges every time. Keep in mind, however, that printer vendors now add tiny chips to their cartridges that track ink or toner life to make refilling more difficult, but NOT impossible.

3. Compatibility with OS

Determine your computers operating system. Once you have done this you can check and see what will work for your computer.  Another question is what printer manufacturers support your operating system (Lexmark printers and Linux do not get along)

Most printers today have a generic driver that will work, but remember all printer options may not be available.

4. Space requirements
5. Ink & Toner Cartridges – Refillable or Compatible?

Can you refill the cartridges, or are you able to purchase compatible cartridges? Today you can purchase compatible cartridges for almost all cartridges. It is unethical and illegal for a  printer manufacturer to void your warranty if you use compatibles .(

Anounce Printer Works 250-474-1901 or will assist you in your printer purchase.

Epson ET2500 is an excellent choice for a colour printer.

  • Loaded and ready, comes with up to 2 years of ink in the box(1)
  • Includes ink to print up to 4000 black/6500 colour pages(2)
  • Ink equivalent to about 20 ink cartridge sets(3)
  • Ultra low-cost replacement ink bottles, and easily refillable ink tanks
  • Built-in wireless, print from tablets and smartphones

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