Daily Purpose + Happy Spaces = BIG BEAUTIFUL PICTURES

Daily Purpose + Happy Spaces + BIG BEAUTIFUL PICTURES


It has been said that by having the same routine every day makes for a better day. I am not one for the same routine and that’s why I am self-employed. I have several businesses, none overly successful but enough to keep me healthy, happy and content. So that being said maybe if I did have a routine I would be more successful in all my businesses. Something to think about. If I was truly honest, I really do have a routine in the morning. It consists of needing a full cup of black coffee and sitting in my favourite spot looking at the day dawn. The space around me needs to be clean and neat. I need to be surrounded by photos on my walls that make me dream of places I wish to go or places I have been.

Since we print pictures for a living, I have decided to add another dimension to my morning routine. I purpose every morning to print a new picture. This will serve three purposes.

1. Get ready for the summer markets coming up

2. Add new BIG BEAUTIFUL PICTURES to my wall to look at every morning

3. Finally feel like I have accomplished something with my day, my house, and my life.

Back to the routine thing, as much as I don’t want to admit to a routine I DO HAVE ONE. I even eat the same thing every morning for breakfast.

It has been said that prayer/meditation/devotions or whatever you choose to do are helpful in the success of your day. I have done this since as long as I can remember. It is just some days I manage to get my routine out of order and it really doesn’t lead to a good day.

When I started to write this I was going to tell you my morning routine.


1. wake up and check my phone to see if any of our 4 kids had text or put anything on Instagram or Facebook (they all live in a different time zone) usually there isn’t anything but I still check every morning

2. come downstairs to the living room where my husband always has coffee ready for me.

3. sit in my favourite chair and drink coffee/contemplate the day ahead

4. read and meditate

5.  text my mom (well I try)

6. start checking my emails for my 3 online businesses write more content/start doing the SEO for all of them

7. this is where the routine ends and it is just a free for all whatever the day brings it brings.

8. find time to eat breakfast


So starting today I will, between 5 and 6, I will print a picture or 2 and hang them in various places in my house. I really need to do something with the front hallway since that is the 1st place anyone sees. So I will start there adding a new picture or 2. I wrote about dreams a couple of days ago so maybe I should make this my dreamscape.

I am not a list maker, never have been, but some days it is so crazy busy that I am afraid I will forget something or someone that I find myself writing it down. Guess what, the list works very effectively and I really don’t know why I don’t do it daily. What do You do? Do you make a list? I mentally have a daily purpose to do one thing different just something I want to accomplish every day. It could be as simple as cleaning a light fixture to as complicated as rearranging a whole room in the house.

The downfall of working from home is you think you have all day to do things, and you truly don’t.

So surround yourself with BIG BEAUTIFUL PICTURES that make you smile, that give you purpose, and fill your heart with gladness and happiness. Visit www.thehomepicturestore.ca and take a browse thru and pick one or two pictures for your wall and we will ship it to you! Or if you live in Victoria BC you can pick it up.

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