3D Printers

3D Printers

I am still trying to learn about the 3D Printers and how they would be useful in our homes or workplace.

I can see a 3D Printer for medical solutions. There are some interesting videos using a 3D printer to reconstruct blood vessels cardiac valves etc. click here to watch a video

So why would I purchase a 3D Printer? Well, honestly I wouldn’t! I don’t have a need for one.

However that being said, someone said to me just to think about the development of printers for the past 15 years. This caused me to do a bit of reflecting. Going back 15 years, even the idea of having a laser printer in your home was unthinkable. It was unthinkable because of the cost. Now it is what I recommend to individuals as they are very cost effective. Who knew 15 years later you could purchase a monochrome laser printer for under $ 100.00!!!! So who knows with the 3D Printer in 15 years they might well be in every home and business. I was told there is a documentary on Netflix regarding 3D Printing, and that is my evening TV viewing.

How useful is a 3D Printer?

3D Printers are new, and a novelty right now for the home user, but as our world, and technology changes they could very well become the “norm”.

We actually look forward to the time we have one on our bench for repair!

 Have a 3D printer on your desk for as low as $275.00. Click here to see how!
  • Creativity – iNSTONE Easier 3D Printer inspires your imagination and wake your inner art talent.
  • Easy Use – Mini 3D Printer Just needs 6 steps you can make any items you want. All the operations can be done just with a knob.
  • Portable – Lightweight 5.3(lb) make you can easily enjoy 3d Printer DIY everywhere and anytime whatever you are doing: working, preparing paper even cooking.
  • Big discount on filament – You will get 40% off on our filament after you ordered iNSTONE 3D Printer Kit.


The newest is the 3D Printers, and I know nothing about them, so maybe we’ll all learn together.

So I will just add a little footnote here…the Worlds First 3D Printed Car…ahh but what was printed, if you expect a complete car you’re wrong, it is just the body with the rest added later. Like one of the comments said a kit car.

As we move forward, YES, printing a car sounds fascinating, and it is but there are still lots after it is printed to add. Hey on CSI the other night they had a printed gun, that supposedly worked, REALLY? Ok I understand a broken chess piece, and even a jaw replaced, but I think we still have a long way to go yet.

check out the video of the printed car at


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