ID Card Printer Cleaning


If you own an ID card printer, regardless of what brand or manufacturer, it’s important to make sure your printer is being cleaned on a consistent basis. Most ID Card Printer manufacturers suggest cleaning every 500-800 prints to keep your printer running smoothly.

Making sure you do a routine maintenance on your ID card printer will help keep it running efficiently and will ultimately extend the life of your ID Card Printer. Using a printer cleaning kit will remove the dust, dirt, and lint from the inside of the printer.

Not cleaning an ID card printer regularly can lead to a buildup of debris on the print head, which may damage it and leave white streaks on  your ID Card. The typical cost to replace that print head is around $800. On the other hand, a printer cleaning kit will likely cost less than $100 and it will only take a few minutes of your time to get your printer cleaned, protecting the valuable investment you made in your ID Card Printer.

Anounce Printer Works has can provide cleaning kits for all major ID Card Printer manufacturer. In comparing the cost of maintaining your printer through using a printer cleaning kits to the cost of buying an entirely new ID card printer, the solution is obvious.

If you’ve never cleaned your printer and need some assistance, you can contact us at 250-474-1901 and we will help by walking you through the cleaning process.

Anounce Printer Works can do a complete cleaning on your ID Card Printer, either on-site or by shipping your machine to our trained technicians. For quotes please call us at 250-474-1901.