Printer Installation Victoria BC

Printer Installation Victoria BC

Did you just purchase a new printer, or a new computer and all of a sudden you can’t find your printer? Hey wait a minute the printer didn’t go anywhere it is still sitting here on the desk its plugged in and says ready. So now what? Call Anounce Printer Works/Anounce Printer Repair and we will walk you thru the set up or we will come onsite and install the printer for you. 250-474-1901

There is a page on this site that has all the printer drivers linked to it so check that out first.

Every printer has its personality, Canon likes to have the driver completely installed on your computer before you plug in the USB cable. Bet you didn’t know that eh. So sometimes you just have to know what to do, before you have 10 printers in your printer settings.

Next question is how much do we charge. We can come onsite and do a basic printer install and setup for $55.00 + taxes. Some printers are more complicated to set up, on a network, for example, is a whole lot more involved as there is usually more than one computer involved so it takes more time. And time equals more money. I have seen a network install take 4 hours to do.

How to connect your printer to your computer

  1. Wireless Installation
  2. USB Installation
  3. Network Installation

Call Anounce Printer Repair/Anounce Printer Works at 250-474-1901 for printer installation.

Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox printers installed on your computer.



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