Printer Repairs, Really?


 Printer Repair in Victoria BC, is there really such a market anymore? Today I heard that my main printer parts supplier is closing their distribution center on the west coast of Canada. I am saddened by the fact that I now have to talk to someone in a different time zone, and that the cost of my parts have just increased because of the added cost to ship printer parts across the country.

So here is my thought or question of the day. Does anyone repair their printers? If printers are being repaired why is my west coast distribution center closing? Oh this isn’t the first of my suppliers to pull out of the west coast, and if we on the west coast are the most environmentally friendly in Canada, why am I going to Ontario or Quebec for my parts? Oh, that being said that begs another question, are we really the most environmentally friendly, or do we just talk about being environmentally conscious?

The thing is, printers are inexpensive to purchase, and printers will not work on all operating systems, so if the printer is broken, you replace, and if you update your computer, you replace your printer. So, are really an environmentally conscious province? Are we really trying to ‘save the planet’? Or are we just intent to “recycle” our electronics because you know the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Oh I know everyone recycles electronics…but that bodes the question, where do the recyclers really take the electronics (another topic, another day)

So at the end of the day it is back to PRINTER REPAIRS, and is it worth the cost and that is up to you the consumer, and to me the technician.

I had someone call me for a part for an HP DesignJet, and yes I can purchase the part but the ETA is anywhere from 10 days to 60 days. If you have a production plotter like this you cannot have down –time of 60 days, as work just doesn’t work that way. So it is difficult to get parts, and difficult to have a client willing to wait up to 60 days for parts, so, what does a customer do? They go and purchase new.

So, as my printer parts suppliers all close on the west coast, I can still go to Ontario, Quebec, and China to purchase supplies, and pay to have an item shipped across the country or the globe, and yes Anounce still tries to repairs printers in Victoria BC.



One thought on “Printer Repairs, Really?

  1. I think you just have to stay up to date if you want to repair your printer so you can get the right parts. You can also just take your printer into the computer stores where you can get it repaired. I think it would be really nice if you know where to take the printer.

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