Printer Repairs

Does your office have a Laser Printer or a DesignJet Plotter?

When was the last time a technician inspected the printing equipment in your office? If it has been more than a year, then it is time to call Anounce Printer Repair at 250-474-1901 to schedule a proactive inspection of your Laser Printers, Color Laser Printers, and Plotters.

Do you wait for the machines to break before you call your technician, and hope they can arrive before it quits?

Do you have a paper jam in your printer? Do you have a printer not picking up paper? Call us, we, at are here to solve your printer’s paper jams and to replace feed rollers that are not functioning.

rollerimages0WYQ79K5Imagine something this small can halt all printing!


3 thoughts on “Printer Repairs

  1. Hi there I have a samsung lazer printer that is in need of a repair or to be replaced. The ball that feeds the paper is worn and causes frequent jams. works great otherwise.
    maybe a little lubrication.?

    Thank you
    Cory Olson
    bingo Esquimalt

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